Guest Information

The members of El Niguel Country Club extend a warm welcome as you visit our Club.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the driving directions provided. While at El Niguel Country Club, please observe all signs and follow any direction given by the staff. We appreciate your time as you review some guidelines to ensure your enjoyment along with that of our members and their guests. Enjoy your time with us at El Niguel Country Club.

  • Parking
    • Vehicles shall be parked in spaces that are lined or otherwise marked. Curb parking is not permitted because of safety and fire regulations.
  • Cell Phone Usage
    • Cell phone conversations in the Clubhouse are prohibited at all times in the Mixed Grille, Lounge, Card Rooms and on the Terrace dining areas. Cell phones must be set to “silent” in the Clubhouse. If a member receives a call when in the restricted areas, the member will immediately leave the dining area and courteously conduct the cell phone conversation out of the hearing of other members.
  • Smoking
    • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the clubhouse. Smoking is permitted on the terrace and on the golf course. Please help keep our facilities clean and dispose of your cigar and cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Dress Code
    • Members are responsible for their own attire, as well as that of their children and guests. It is important that you remind your guests of the Dress Code prior to their arrival at the Club in order to avoid embarrassment to you and your guests. The general manager, golf professionals, dining room manager and other employees designated by them have the authority and the duty to enforce the El Niguel Country Club Dress Code.


      • Formal - Black tie for gentlemen. Equally appropriate dress for women
      • Business Formal - Suit or sport coat with necktie and corresponding slacks for men. Equally appropriate attire for women
      • Informal - Sport coat/jacket and collared shirt, turtleneck or collarless dress shirt for gentlemen. Dresses or appropriate pantsuits for ladies
      • Casual - Golf appropriate attire for ladies and gentlemen, plus tasteful denim. Golf shorts may be worn provided they have an outer-seam of more than 17” in length, or reach within four inches (4”) above the bend in the back of the knee

      Golf Course and Practice Area Attire

      Members and guests are expected to wear appropriate golf attire, tailored with a neat appearance. Specifically: Golf shirts with collars and sleeves and required.
      • Exception: Men may wear turtleneck collar styles.
      • Exception: Women may wear sleeveless shirts with collar or turtleneck collar.
      • All golf polo shirts must be tucked in at all time. Only “aloha” style shirts may be worn un-tucked.
      • No shorts or skirt may be worn which end higher than four inches above the bend in the back of the knee, with the exception that women may wear shorts that have an outer-seam of at least 17 inches.
      • Denim pants, shirts, shorts, skirts and jackets are not permitted with the exception of specifically designated events such as a “Western Theme” twilight tournament.
      • Pants and shorts with exterior expandable pockets, aka “cargo” pants or shorts are not permitted.
      • Tennis, swimming or bicycling attire, sweat pants, jump suits, jogging suits, jersey knit leggings or tube, halter or tank tops are not permitted.
      • Caps with bills are to be worn with the bill forward.
      • Shoes with proper traction must be worn. Shoes must be changed in the locker room.
      • Barefoot play or practice is prohibited and metal spikes are not permitted.
      • Fitness attire is not appropriate for the golf course or its practice facilities and putting greens.

      Clubhouse Attire

      Dressy casual attire is appropriate in all parts of the clubhouse both during the day and the evening. This includes dressy denim. However, apparel of any kind, even if designed for a special “look” which is frayed, cut, “bleach stained,” ill-fitting and/soiled is inappropriate and therefore prohibited.

      Skirts or shorts higher than four inches above the bend in the back of the knee unless their outer-seam measures 17” or more, tennis, swimming or bicycling attire, sweat pants, jump suits, jogging suits, jersey knit leggings or tube, halter or tank tops are all considered inappropriate attire for the Clubhouse.

      Gentlemen are asked to remove their caps and hats when in the clubhouse.

      Fitness Attire

      Persons passing through the clubhouse on the way to and from the Tee House Fitness Center may do so wearing fitness attire. Such attire is not appropriate for dining or lounging either indoors or out at the clubhouse, nor is it appropriate for the golf course, practice facilities, or practice putting greens.

      Children's Attire

      El Niguel recognizes that children’s clothing trends may vary from that of adults. Thus, tolerance will be given for children under 10 years of age, provided their dress is neat and in good taste. However, no denim or jeans will be permitted for adults or children on the golf course, unless a designated themed event is scheduled.